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What exactly is Life Map?

A non-profit (we're still working on 501c3) looking to improve the lives of people who are historically oppressed. Right now we have three ways to do that, the Business Program, the Peer Support Program and membership and mentorship on our Board of Directors. 

Who are the courses instructors?

Ms. Angel created and teaches the Business Program. She started her own first business at 22 and her first consultation at 25. She's passionate about reducing waste, increasing profits and nourishing creative businesses. 

Mx. Reese teaches the Peer Support Group Leader Certification based on their decade of experience emotionally supporting small groups and parents. They are passionate about decolonized birth work, LGBTQIA+ rights and intersectionality.  

What do students get from the deal?

Both of our courses are designed to provide lasting life skills for our students. The transferrable tools students learn in the business program can be applied as an owner,  employee or customer of any business. Peer Support Group Leader Certification gives students the soft skills needed to maintain positive group dynamics, a skill that is useful anywhere in life. 

Who qualifies for Board Membership?

We are very intentional in our language of board members' historically oppressed identity. We want people on our board who are intrinsically engaged in finding answers to the problems that effect the most marginalized and oppressed in American society. Our board has lived perspectives on the most pressing issues of our society so that we have a better idea of how to solve them. If this sounds like your jam apply for board membership!

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